Tourism in Turkey 2017 Advice

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The Situation

Turkey's slow recovering tourism industry provides hidden Holiday Gems in the south west of the country at record low prices; hidden beneath the aftermath of political disputes of the North and East.

There are opportunities here

In a recent article from the Independent the current situation of Turkeys tourism industry is investigated. Talking to local business owners in the south west of the country they find out about the effect of the political disputes in the capital have effected tourism the other side of the country.
Tourism is slow this year, and thats causing hotels and rentals to drop their prices in an attempt to regenerate tourism in the south west of the country. One business owner explains how some of the events that have taken place in the capital and the east have had a major negative effect on tourism the other side of the country even though quite safe and far away from all the problems.  To read the article by the independent click here